Friday, April 16, 2010

✿KeHiDuPaN = LiFe✿

 ....بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
-السلام عليكم-
-cuti2 ni.. banyak pulak fikir.. so ni ada sikit yg tercoret di sini-
-bila mood nk berBI tu dtg.. student literature mcm ni la.. (✿◠‿◠)-
-presenting : 'LIFE' -  

life offers not just comfort but also hurt.. not just joy but also pain.. it is for us to turn bad things good and ugly things beautiful.. it depends on how we treat, tackle, and take each of these feelings that life have to offer..(◕‿◕✿) smile, positive mind and strong heart could help.. but the only BEST way is by keeping FAITH.. there are rainbows after rains, and flowers that bloom after cold winter.. nothing in life that happened for no reason.. ALLAH arranged things according to HIS wishes.. and HE knows better than any of us.. Lets us accept our destiny with a full REDHA.. take difficulties as lesson, and happiness as bless from ALLAH.. keep holding on..
by: Nurussalwa Hilmi @ manna_salwa
6:10 PM
16 April 2010

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