Friday, November 5, 2010

:: SeLF HeaLiNG ::

....بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
-السلام عليكم-


There are times in life when we think that what is going on is just a nightmare. And there are also times that they feel like a pure mild dream. That if it is never happens also it would not cause much trouble to anyone. Life is like that, major things cause major issues. But, these all happen in our own little mind. We could always turn and twist things around. Meaning to say, things that are major can be made minor. It is what people call as the power of the mind.
This is what I have in my mind right now:

‘there shall be no regret in life, live it the way we like it to be, smile during sad times, and laugh during the happy ones, life is not hard, it is just a bit complicated sometimes. So just be yourself, keep the motivation, faith and belief that you have. Things will get better, things will be better.’

Yeah, this is my sad time. So what I want to do is to smile.
And, as a Muslim, I always know that ALLAH will be always with me. I can always rely on HIM. Seek for HIS guidance and help. This has also been my cure to pain, my source of strength. Things happened. Sure they will. That’s life. ALLAH had arranged things for me. All that had happened or going to happen are all in HIS power. I believe that HE knows everything, and HE knows them the best.
Sometimes, tears will help too. Tear is a blessing that ALLAH bestowed upon us to be a means in channelling our emotion. It can calm us and balance back our emotion.
People say; “Don not cry” but
I say; “Cry as you wish”.
There is a beauty in crying too. I find that it is not only makes me feel better. It also makes me look better. 

(Maybe it is just my feeling, but who cares, I love how it feels)


All, thanks for reading.

Till next entry,
Have a great life. Smile. And. Keep the faith.
May ALLAH’s bless will always be with us.


al_hakim said...

waaa....awk!tak phm!tulis la dlm bahasa melayu..hehe

cemomoi said...

moga ceria sokmo

secret admire said...

musibah sebenarnya tanda Allah cintakan kita.ada sorang kwn ni,setiap kali dia sakit,dia akan suka sgt.sbb dia tau Allah tgh rindukan dia.only machines live without challenges.we are not machines.we are human.and human life full of challenges.agree with wawa.we should take the challanges or problems positively.:)